Motorcycle winter tyres UK

New to the UK, the Anlas Winter Grip Plus is the world’s first winter tyre for larger motorcycles including tourers, nakeds and adventure machines.

Recently the industry leading magazine Motorrad, based in Germany where a ‘Mud & Snow’ rated tyre is a legal requirement during certain months of the year, tested a set on the latest Triumph Thruxton.

With a high percentage silica compound and tread pattern offering optimal water drainage further complemented by the latest sipe technology, the Winter Grip Plus is ideal for tackling cold, wet wintry conditions.

The sipes help to evacuate a greater amount of water from around the contact patch on wet roads, and offer additional grip in challenging weather conditions, also ensuring fast warm up times even at very low temperatures.

Riding at -2┬░C isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but that was the temperature as one of Motorrad’s experienced test riders headed out on the Triumph, commenting that the tyre delivered grip from the very first metre despite the temperature. The magazine also praised the high levels of feedback offered, and the confidence it inspires from the very first corner.

Anlas Winter Grip Plus test

They also took the opportunity to test our Winter Grip 2 option for mopeds and scooters on a Honda MSX 125 and Kymco Move S 125i, with exactly the same results.

The verdict?

It’s an ideal tyre for stress-free commuting or some all-weather touring.

Plus if you live in somewhere like Germany, it ensures you avoid a mandatory 60 Euro fine for riding on a non-approved tyre in winter…

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