Anlas Winter Grip Plus Tracer 900

Back in 2017, the team at popular Italian motorcycle website Moto.IT first tested our Winter Grip Plus big bike tyre, coming away hugely impressed with the “grip and confidence offered” even at high speed on cold, wet asphalt.

Two years later, and they’ve had the chance to cover many thousands of kilometres on them between November and April, fitted to a 2016 Yamaha Tracer 900.

The Anlas winter range is suitable for year-round use, but the specially formulated compound and heavily siped tread pattern really come into their own when the mercury drops below 5°C, or when the roads are wet.

Anlas Winter Grip Plus

Testers came away impressed with the performance on cold, slippery roads stating that “the traction control intervenes much less than the ‘summer’ tyres.” The level of road noise was also reported to be comparable with the standard OE tyres that came on the bike.

In the midst of winter, they were also up to temperature in no time at all, with the sipes opening up to provide additional biting edges which put more rubber on the road for an increased level of safety which could clearly be felt through the front end of the bike.

After 8,200km of riding, the front tyre was less than half worn, with 35% of the tread remaining on the rear, and the riders predicting a mileage of between 10,000 and 15,000km from a set.

You can check out the full article at Moto.IT.

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