Gibraltar Race 2017

Gibraltar Race 2017 saw competitors tackling 8,000 grueling kilometres of off-road terrain all the way from Burgas on the Black Sea to the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.

With 439 checkpoints, two sea crossings, and a hell of a lot of dirt, it is probably one of the most hardcore long-distance races in Europe.

Once again Anlas Tyres were a main sponsor of the event, with many riders, including the eventual winner Brit Mark Kinnard, using our products.

Mark’s KTM was fitted with the all-new Capra EXT enduro tyre, which is due to arrive in the UK for the first time later this month.

The Anlas Capra X also proved to be a popular fitment among the riders of big ADV bikes including the Honda Africa Twin.

Thinking of tackling it yourself next year?

Get a flavour of what it’s all about:

You can view the Anlas adventure tyre range here.