Anlas Capra Extreme enduro tyre review

The Capra Extreme is the very latest hoop on the enduro market in the UK, and as it’s road-legal, it is an ideal enduro tyre for green laners and trail riders.

Offering proven performance at the very highest level, this versatile and durable tyre was used by last year’s Gibraltar Race winner, the KTM-mounted Brit Mark Kinnard who will be riding on them once again in 2018 to defend his crown.

Earlier this year, Anlas held the international press launch for the Capra Extreme in Italy, with many top enduro journalists coming along to give the tyres a try from themselves.

Among those in attendance was who commented:

“I must admit weather and terrain conditions were seriously hard and had some risks for a new tyre trial, so our first impression was that how much Anlas trusted in Capra Extreme!”

The team at recently posted a video from the launch to their YouTube channel, which you can now watch in full below:

Initially, the Capra EXT is available in a single front and rear size, with further options planned for the near future to expand the range.

Find out more about the Capra EXT here.