Anlas scooter tyres UK

The Anlas Tournee is our All-Round Scooter & Lightweight Motorcycle tyre available for a wide range of high performance machines.

  • Radial fitment for maxi scooters up to 650cc
  • Anlas Tournee Scooter TyreEco-friendly compound also offering superior grip and short braking distances
  • Aggressive tread pattern disperses water from around the contact patch on wet roads
  • Further radial and cross-ply options for lightweight & urban motorcycles.

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Tyre Size Tread Pattern Front/Rear
100/80-10 53P TL Tournee Uni
120/70-10 54M reinf. TL Tournee R
110/70-11 45M TL Tournee F
110/70-13 M/C 48P TL Tournee F
150/70-13 M/C 64S TL Tournee R
80/90-14 M/C 46P TL Tournee F
90/90-14 M/C 52P reinf. TL Tournee F
100/90-14 M/C 57P reinf. TL Tournee R
110/80-14 M/C 59S TL Tournee F
120/70-14 M/C 55S TL Tournee F
120/70 R14 M/C 55H TL Tournee Radial F
120/80-14 M/C 58S TL Tournee F
140/60-14 M/C 64S reinf. TL Tournee R
160/60 R14 M/C 65H TL Tournee Radial R
120/70 R15 M/C 56H TL Tournee Radial F
160/60 R15 M/C 67H TL Tournee Radial R
110/70-16 M/C 52P TL Tournee F
130/70-16 M/C 61S TL Tournee R
100/80-17 M/C 52S TL Tournee F
110/70-17 M/C 54S TL Tournee F
110/70 R17 M/C 54H TL Tournee Radial R
110/70 R17 M/C 54H TL Tournee Radial F
130/70-17 M/C 62S TL Tournee R
140/70-17 M/C 66S TL Tournee R
140/70 R17 M/C 66H TL Tournee Radial R