Anlas Tournee scooter tyre review

Last month Mark Broadhurst of MB Scooters in Doncaster set off on a record breaking trip with three close friends, all on classic Lambretta scooters, to raise money for Parkinsons UK.

Mark has been a long time customer of Cambrian Tyres, the UK trade importer of Anlas tyres, and a chance meeting ahead of the trip saw Brand Manager Graham offer Mark the chance to test the very first set of 3.50-10 Anlas Tournee tyres to land in Great Britain.

He’s finally had a chance to tell us what he thought:

“These are a nice looking sport touring tyre, with plenty of tread in all the right places to help remove water on all angles.

They come in 350-10 with a speed rating of M (81mph) and load rating of 59 (243kg). Not the highest figures but not the lowest – so middle of the road and ideal for 90% of people.

The Tournee tyres were put through their paces on our run. I did 1,800 miles both on motorways and A roads.

Handling was perfect in a straight line, and they were going as fast as I could on corners and never let me down. The grip on corners is perfect in the dry and wet.

In 1,800 miles on my heavy bike I used 1.5mm of tread on the rear leaving 2.5mm until bald. But even when they wear on the middle part, the design is very clever and still keeps tread to the sides so expect the MOT to let them go another year.

Based on what the others used Anlas tyres have more grip but do wear more because of it.

I was so happy with them we have started to stock them for sale.

And today we had a ride out for our mate Bally’s funeral. On the way back we took the scenic route and one of the old boys said ‘they must be the most grippy tyres you’ve ever ridden on, I’ve not seen a scooter go so smoothly around a corner before’……….. That sort of sells them for me!”

Available in a wide range of sizes including high performance radials for maxi scooters, you can find out more about the Anlas Tournee here.