Suzuki V-Strom tyres

Earlier this year, we persuaded UK-based professional motorcycle instructor Tom McFadzean to try something a little different on his trusty V-Strom 1000, namely the new-to-UK ‘Capra RD‘ from Anlas.

The most road biased of the adventure tyres in our range, the Capra RD delivers strong and predictable performance on the tarmac in both dry and wet conditions.

Tom’s recently been in touch to let us know how he’s getting on, and this is what he had to say:

cheap adventure bike tyres“They are very playful and agile they encourage you to lean rather than wanting to stand back up again which is great if you need to change your line through a bend.

They like some positive acceleration through a bend to get the most out of them. If you are used to more of a touring tyre may take a little time getting used to but it’s definitely worth it as I’ve found myself going the wrong way on my journeys as I’m enjoying them so much I’m spending my time looking for more bends and roundabouts.

They’re comfortable and absorb bumps well with plenty of tread. I’ve done 2,500 miles in the 4 weeks I’ve had them and no real wear yet. In the 1st 100 miles I’ve had both of my worn footpegs touching down but there is still some tyre left untouched whereas before I was off the edge of the tyre on the previous makes I’ve tried.

You get plenty of warning from the tyres when they are near there limit with a slight wobble but they still hold there line. In the wet as long as you are smooth they fine. Coming back from London at 2 in the morning it was raining and about 3 degrees and they still held true.

Really pleased with them so far and will be kitting my Triumph Street Scrambler with the Capra R when it’s current tyres are worn and maybe even the Capra X when it starts getting muddy on the byways.

Cheaper price but not a cheaper tyre.”

View the range of Capra RD sizes here.