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Earlier this month four scooter loving friends headed out on their respective Lambretta machines with the aim of setting a new World Record and raising money for Parkinson’s UK who support and fund research into finding a cure for the illness.

Their ultimate aim was to ride on all 50 motorways in England, Scotland and Wales in just four days and joining the trip was Anlas dealer Mark Broadhurst of MB Scooters in Doncaster, who was heavily involved in the modifications made to each machine ahead of the trip.

Along with various mods to set the scooters up to cover big motorway miles, some new tyres were in order. One Lambretta was fitted with a pair of our test topping Anlas Tournee scooter tyres, and another found itself sporting the excellent Winter Grip 2 which provides superb all-year-round performance come rain or shine.

Along with a support driver the four riders set off for the start line at Dunfermline and the, although Mark didn’t join them in the van, instead opting to ride there on the Lambretta from his home in South Yorkshire.

The A823M was the first motorway of the fifty, soon followed by the adjoining M90 on a day which saw them arrive in Lancashire by late afternoon. Further along their route the foursome also ended up becoming the first scooter riders in history to take their machines for a spin on the M96, a secret motorway tucked away in the heart of Gloucestershire at the Fire Service Training Centre near Moreton-in-Marsh.

All the riders crossed the finish line together in Chatham, Kent on Sunday and thus far their exploits have helped to raise just over £2,500 for the Parkinson’s UK charity.

To make things a little more difficult for himself, Mark also rode back from Chatham to Doncaster, adding a few more miles to his Tournee tyres just for the fun of it.

Congratulations to Mark and friends on their fantastic achievement, and you can find out more about their story via the Scootaway UK Just Giving page.

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