Anlas Capra RD test

In the latter half of 2018, we asked Overland Magazine editor Paddy Tyson to put our Capra RD adventure touring tyres to the test on his Honda 1200 Cross Tourer.

After just 500 miles, Paddy published his first impressions which you can read right here.

Since then, our most road-biased adventure tyres have gone on to cover roughly 6,500 miles on Paddy’s bike, and he recently gave his full thoughts as to how they’d performed:

“In the wet these Anlas Capra RD tyres offer plenty of reassuring grip, and as I slowly pushed them and myself to explore levels of traction, I realised I could relax and just tip in smoothly and securely. They offer plenty of feedback and haven’t given me a single butt-clenching surprise so far.

Whether wet or dry they are rock-steady over white lines and the only sense of instability occurs when riding at consistent autobahn speeds. Now this is on a Honda 1200 CrossTourer with full complement of hard luggage, so perhaps that’s what causes the gentle weaving, but if you do have the need to cross Germany in a single dash, it may be something to consider…”


“As you can see from the image, the tread pattern has been blessed with just a hint of adventure. It looks good, but please don’t think this tyre will handle anything more than a gravel track unless your riding skill is exceptional. I’ve now tried a few muddy farm tracks and was frankly delighted to get back on the tarmac given the size and weight of the Honda. Anlas have been making tyres for over 40 years and have much more aggressive off-road tyres in their catalogue if your touring really will include ‘proper’ dirt. If however, you like the look but will be staying on the black stuff or just riding on hard dirt or gravel, I can assure you that the profile of these tyres enables peg scraping without running off the edge of the tread. If anything their grip and stability has continued to increase with use and that stability is maintained when two-up.

We have infact done quite a lot of two-up riding on these Anlas Capra RD tyres which is why the rear has now reached the end of its natural life although you’d only know by looking, not riding. Long fast journeys fully loaded to France, Scotland, Wales and Ireland mean that it has been punished so the wear rate isn’t that bad at more than 6,000 miles. You could undoubedtly extend that riding solo and staying off motorways.”

You can view Paddy’s full article online at the Overland Mag website.

Alternatively, view the full range of sizes here.