winter tyres for motorcycles

The Anlas Winter Grip Plus is the world’s first winter tyre for motorcycles, coming in sizes suitable for ADV bikes, large tourers and nakeds.

Designed to offer optimum performance in lower temperatures, they offer superb traction when the mercury level drops!

Recently our Italian colleagues asked online publication Omnimoto to put a set through their paces, and they did just that on the mighty BMW R1200RT.

With an official ‘Mud & Snow’ rating, they are suitable for year-round use in countries where only approved tyres can used during certain months of the year.

OmniMoto tested the tyre in temperatures ranging from 5°C to -1°C on dry tarmac, and reported that the bike “behaves well” and that the tyres remain “constantly stable”.

Anlas Winter Grip Plus

As they climbed into the Italian mountains the temperature dropped and the snow started to appear on the road, but this was no trouble for the Winter Grip Plus as they commented that “the traction of the Anlas Winter Grip Plus tyres on the white coat and 0 degrees Celsius, is excellent.”

The compound used for the Winter Grip Plus uses a specially formulated blend of polymers, which helps the rubber to provide additional grip even in freezing temperatures. The intricate tread pattern with it’s many sipes also serves to provide many small, biting edges which cling to the surface of the road – just like a winter car tyre.

Summing up OmniMoto said:

The Anlas Winter Grip Plus amazed me: on the snow they give a traction that allows you to “climb” a snowy step. And on dry or wet asphalt, even if cold, they do not behave badly.

You can find out more about the Winter Grip Plus here.

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