Anlas Tyres nifty fifty endurance 2017

Sitting pretty at the top of the 50cc class after round one, Team Venture Motorcycles and their modifgied Yamaha Neos 50cc headed to Route 34 Motocross Parc for Round 2 of the Nifty Fifty Endurance charity series which took place this weekend. Taking place on the ‘A’ circuit this was always going to be a tough event with longer laps, steeper climbs and deeper mud following some heavy rain during the week.

Dry conditions overnight had ensured that the course was at least ride-able, but conditions were still very tricky. With their BSB guest rider Sam Coventry taking the first stint on the Neos, the team were running inside the top three in the early stages.

It was towards the end of his session that the heavens opened and torrential rain created swamp like conditions. Sam handed the baton over to Anlas Brand manager Graham, who battled against the ever thickening mud which was being pounded by 49 various machines all fighting their was around the slippery course.

John Coventry and Nifty Fifty rookie Peter Hutton both took turns to keep the Neos going in the difficult conditions, which were affecting the 50cc Twist & Go machines in particular. The Anlas Winter Grip 2 tyres were better suited than most to the event, but only a proper knobbly tyre could have found meaningful grip in the conditions on the day.

Nifty Fifty Endurance best tyresWith the Yamaha getting caked in thick, sticky mud the subsequent blockages of both air and fuel breather pipes affected overall performance making the bike overheat and eventually the automatic clutch operation failed. Well prepared as ever Peter Hutton, the owner of Venture Motorcycles, had a second engine in reserve which was swiftly fitted and the team were soon back in the battle.

With an additional rear wheel change the team continued to progress slowly, knocking off as many laps as possible whilst other 50cc machines dropped like flies. Intermittent showers continued and made the track impassable in certain areas, so modifications were made mid race to allow passage.

In the last 40 minutes of the event a dry’ish line appeared which allowed John to complete a 3 lap stint with the finish now in sight. Graham took over to complete another 3 laps before the 2nd clutch eventually gave up the ghost completely, locking the rear wheel solid. After a grueling push back to the finish line with a solid rear wheel the Neos’s event was well and truly over.

Team Venture eventually finished 8th in class after 26 very difficult laps and drop to 4th in the championship. Only 9 of the 21 Twist & Go 500cc starters completed the 5 hour endurance, a testament to just how bad conditions were.

A big thank you to riders Sam, John, Pete and Graham plus congratulations to Shaun Issac who ran another successful event full of drama and fun and most importantly raising money for charity.

Class 1

1st  Jimmers Jumbo Kebab

2nd Team Reyt Bumpy

3rd Chariots of Dire

Class 2

1st WW FTW

2nd Heartbeat

3rd Blow It Out Your Beaver

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