Nifty Fifty Endurance 2017

This weekend saw the first roundĀ of the 2017 Nifty Fifty Endurance charity event, and with Anlas acting as official trophy sponsor, it was only right and proper that we got stuck in ourselves and sent Brand Manager Graham to Winchester for a ‘dirty’ weekend.

Graham hooked up with Venture Motorcycles, along with BSB talent Sam Coventry and his father John, to ride Team Venture’s 50cc Yamaha Neos, equipped with the latest Winter Grip 2 tyres.

Route 34 Motocross Parc once again played host to this fantastic event, which sees teams from across the UK coming together to raise money for charity whilst trying to circulate a muddy motocross track on wholly unsuitable machinery.

The Neos, which saw action in 2016, had been vastly improved over the winter and the whole team were raring to go, all in support of The Courage Foundation – a very worthy charity which supports children through the loss of a sibling.

With their official Mud & Snow rating, the Winter Grip 2 tyres proved more than a match for the challenging surface at Route 34. Early on the Yamaha suffered from a catastrophic steering failure, but with some hard work and determination, followed by several hours of hard riding, Team Venture were delighted to find that they had finished as the top ranked 50cc team with the little Neos holding up very well despite the considerable punishment.

We’ll be back in Winchester later in the year for the second event, and can’t wait to get stuck in once again!

Find out more about the Winter Grip 2 here.