Nifty Fifty Anlas Tyres 2017

We’ve had a whole host of guest riders join us on our Nifty Fifty adventure in 2017, and this weekend was no different as we welcomed the Dilligaf Racing squad and former BSB privateer Steve Moody to Route 34 Motocross Parc.

Our mighty 50cc Yamaha Neos has performed admirably all year, but the charity event has certainly taken it’s toll – and this weekend would pretty much finish it off.

Just four laps in, Steve was flagged due to a noisy exhaust and the offending part was changed but they had already lost ten minutes of track time.

At the end of the opening hour with Steve, Charlie and Graham all taking their respective turns the Neos had clocked up 26 laps and things were looking good, with the Winter Grip 2 tyres holding well on the dry and dusty circuit.

Disaster struck for Steve on his second stint as he crashed out while taking things ‘easy’ – and the air box fell out, which meant a push back to the pits.

Some more speedy repairs were made before Graham took over, but another two laps down and he was black flagged and it back to the pits once again. The bike wouldn’t kick start either, and they lost more than half an hour before it was back on track once again.

From there on in it was the same story over and over – two laps, black flag, pit for repairs. Another exhaust went on, numerous gaskets, two piston blocks, three carbs, three air boxes, three spark plugs and a whole roll of gaffer tape thrown into the bargain.

With forty minutes to go, Charlie was back on track and the bike was finally running well again… although it didn’t last long!

With just under half an hour to go and 55 laps done, the Neos was officially declared dead at the scene, it’s two seasons of taking a beating coming to an abrupt end.

All was not lost however… we picked up a trophy for ‘Best Endeavours’!

Many thanks to Dilligaf Racing for joining Graham, and to Peter at Venture Motorcycles for his continued support.

You can find out more about the Winter Grip 2 here.