Best Maxi scooter tyre

They really love their in depth tyre tests on the continent, putting a wide range of rubber through it’s paces and scoring it in several key areas to produce something akin to a league table with the best performing tyre sitting right at the very top.

Anlas Tournee Scooter TyreLast April we submitted the Anlas Tournee, our all-round scooter tyre ideal for both commuting and touring, to an independent test by Motoron Magazine who pitted it against the Michelin City Grip and Dunlop ScootSmart.

The tester’s bike of choice was Yamaha’s X-Max 250 with each element scored from 1 to 5, and we’re pleased to say that the Anlas Tournee won the test convincingly.

You can see how it scored against the competition below:

Test Michelin City Grip Dunlop ScootSmart Anlas Tournee
Dry Feedback 3.5 4  4.5
Dry Braking 3.5 4  4.5
Wet Feedback 3.5 4  4
Wet Braking 3.5 3.5  4
Handling Response 4 4  4.5
Ride Comfort 4 4  4
Sudden Braking Stability 3.5 4  4.5
Cornering Stability 4 4.5  4
Stability Under Acceleration 4 4.5  4.5
Average Score 3.7/5 4.1/5  4.3/5
Total Score 33.5/45 36.5/45  38.5/45

Find out more about the Anlas Tournee range here.