Martin Smolinski Anlas

Current World Long Track and former European Grasstrack champion Martin Smolinski has officially announced that he has made the switch to Anlas Speedway tyres.

Smolinski, who has represented the German speedway team at senior level, has been testing the tyres in recent weeks alongside Denmark based Anlas dealer KL Speedway.

Martin recently posted on his official Facebook page about the successful test, which he capped off by winning the Abensberg GP qualifier by taking the maximum 15 points.

Martin commented:

“We’ve been testing in the last weeks and if been very happy with the performance of the tyre. You all should give Anlas an chance, it’s an new enthusiastic company with a high knowledge of racing tyres.”

At the end of 2017, Anlas were named as the official tyre brand of the FIM Speedway GP, in a deal which is set to last until the end of the 2020 season.

In the UK, the Anlas Speedway tyres are available via the specialist speedway supplier Joe Hughes International based in Derby.

We wish Martin every success this season, and look forward to seeing him on the podium again soon!