Mark Kinnard Gibraltar Race 2019

This year’s Trans-European Gibraltar Race has officially ended, after more than two weeks of epic riding from the Polish Black Sea coast to the┬ánorth-eastern fringes of Spain.

With much of western Europe gripped by a record breaking heatwave, riders made their way south into the Czech Republic then into Germany, Austria and Italy.

Hot, dusty conditions were the order of the day throughout the race, with temperatures really starting to bite as the final stages got underway in France, Portugal and Spain.

Former race winner Mark Kinnard was once again being supported by Anlas Tyres, and despite several challenges along the way, the Brit staged an incredible comeback to take the Class 3 victory, and 3rd place overall in his KTM 500EXC, which used a combination of Capra X Rally and Capra EXT tyres.

Honda X-ADV adventure tyres

Another winner riding on Anlas was Italian Renato Zocchi, who was taking part on a bike which probably raised several eyebrows among several competitors.

Zocchi’s modified Honda X-ADV scooter using our Capra X tyres certainly did the business on a variety of terrain though, as he took the Class 2 win in impressive style.

We’d like to congratulate all the riders who completed the event, especially Mark and Renato who did a fantastic job flying the flag for Anlas!

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