Road Scooter
Tournee plus tyre

Tournee & Tournee Radial

The Anlas Tournee is our All-Round Scooter & Lightweight Motorcycle tyre available for a wide range of high performance machines. Radial fitment for maxi scooters up to 650cc Eco-friendly compound also
Road Scooter Winter
SC-500 plus tyre

Winter Grip 2

The Anlas SC-500 Winter Grip 2 is our premium all-weather option for scooter and moped riders! Superior performance in winter conditions thanks to wide grooves and tread sipes. Optimum mileage,
Classic Scooter
Anlas NR-SP


The Anlas NR-SP is a Sport Classic tyre in sizes for both motorcycles and scooters. Sporty profile delivers excellent handling characteristics on the road. Optimised tread pattern for improved water drainage around the
Road Scooter Winter
Anlas NR-50 WinterGrip

NR-50 WinterGrip

The Anlas NR-50 WinterGrip is an Urban Winter tyre available in 18″ sizes. Wide grooves and tread sipes for excellent drainage in wet conditions. Fast warming, grippy compound for use in
Anlas MB-80 scooter tyre


The Anlas MB-80 is an Urban Scooter tyre available in 11″ sizes. Aggressive style tread pattern. Optimised water channeling for good grip on wet roads. Durable compound offers excellent mileage and value for money.
Road Scooter
Anlas MB-34


The Anlas MB-34 is a durable Urban tyre available in sizes for various tyres of machines. Fitments are available for both motorcycles and scooters. Excellent performance in a range of conditions for
Anlas Sports White Wall

Sports White Wall

The Anlas Sports White Wall is a Scooter tyre offering riders: Modern performance allied to classic whitewall look Superb performance even in wet conditions Excellent durability for good tyre life