Road Scooter
Tournee plus tyre

Tournee & Tournee Radial

The Anlas Tournee is our All-Round Scooter & Lightweight Motorcycle tyre available for a wide range of high performance machines. Radial fitment for maxi scooters up to 650cc Eco-friendly compound also
Road Scooter Winter
SC-500 plus tyre

Winter Grip 2

The Anlas SC-500 Winter Grip 2 is our premium all-weather option for scooter and moped riders! Superior performance in winter conditions thanks to wide grooves and tread sipes. Optimum mileage,
Road Scooter Winter
Anlas NR-50 WinterGrip

NR-50 WinterGrip

The Anlas NR-50 WinterGrip is an Urban Winter tyre available in 18″ sizes. Wide grooves and tread sipes for excellent drainage in wet conditions. Fast warming, grippy compound for use in
Anlas NR-47


The Anlas NR-47 is a popular 18″ tyre aimed riders in urban areas. Optimised contact patch and tread pattern for more even wear across the tyre profile. Good drainage for excellent
Anlas NR-30


The Anlas NR-30 is a rear fitment Urban tyre available as a 15″ fitment. Durable construction to withstand riding in modern day urban conditions. Excellent tread life, thanks to the latest abrasion
Anlas NR-25


The Anlas NR-25 is durable tyre for riders in urban environments. Compound developed for use on smaller capacity, modern urban motorcycles. Excellent resistance to wear for a long service life and excellent
Anlas NF-28


The Anlas NF-28 is a front fitment Urban tyre in 18″ sizes. All-round performance in wet and dry conditions making it ideal for commuters and year-round riders. Excellent tread life. Classic styling
Road Scooter
Anlas MB-34


The Anlas MB-34 is a durable Urban tyre available in sizes for various tyres of machines. Fitments are available for both motorcycles and scooters. Excellent performance in a range of conditions for
Anlas NF-25


The Anlas NF-25 is a Lightweight & Urban Motorcycle tyre offering riders: Superb durability for extended service life Excellent straight line stability and performance under braking
Classic Road
Anlas NR-27


The Anlas NR-27 is a Lightweight & Classic Motorcycle tyre for rear fitment only. Vintage look tread pattern allied to modern performance. Solid handling and grip in all weather conditions. Durable compound for good