alternative BMW GS knobbly tyres

It was during a double crossing of Canada that BMW R1200 GS rider Jools Moore first discovered the Anlas Capra-X, the most aggressive of our big bike adventure tyres.

Now back in the UK, Jools has since purchased another two sets of his new found favourite hoops and has recently been reviewing them on his blog.

When he’s not busy working as a chef in London, Jools spends much of his time traveling on 2-wheels and sharing his experiences via his personal website.

In his blog Jools says:

“They are so much quieter on the front wheel than the Michelin Anakee Wilds which makes riding at speed so much nicer and so far I’m in love with them all over again. 

I’m very happy with them, so happy I bought two sets!!

I really like the way the center and side blocks have slits in them to allow the water to disperse easier than the traditional 50/50 block tyres. It makes for a much safer tyre in the rain and will improve stopping no doubt to.

I really love throwing the bike into the corners and have been scraping the side of my boots I get so low on these tyres and trust them to stick. From now on this is my tyre of choice.”

So if you’re looking for an alternative knobbly tyre for your big adventure bike, the Anlas Capra-X could be the answer to your prayers! An 18-inch rear is also available to fit the new Africa Twin and various KTM models.

As the official sponsor of Gibraltar Race in 2016 and 2017, our knobbly adventure bike tyres have been tested on some very harsh terrain and have been proven to deliver high levels of performance both on and off the tarmac.

Check out Jools Moore’s full article on his website.

View the full range of Capra-X sizes here.