Anlas Capra R test metzeler tourance alternative

The Capra R sits slap bang in the middle of our current adventure tyre line-up.

Better off-road performance than the Capra RD makes it a viable option for mixed terrain touring on adventure bikes, and it also offers increased durability when compared with the more aggressive Capra X.

Italian website recently took a set of a 10,000 kilometre trip through the Caucasus on an XT660Z Tenere, and now they’ve published an in depth review online.

The month long trip took them from Italy to Greece, then in to Turkey and eventually Georgia, which joins on to Russia’s southern border.

Once in Greece, they quickly hit the motorway, stating:

“The Capra R proved to be particularly silent,precise in its trajectory, with excellent grip on dry roads even in case of emergency braking or sudden change of direction, facing the long and fast corners of the Greek motorway with ease despite the load and speed.”

Despite the high temperatures and increasingly abrasive tarmac as they moved east across Turkey, the durability of the Capra R was never in question, which left plenty of tread to tackle the many unpaved roads they encountered in Georgia (pictured above). Heavy rains didn’t help the situation, but optimal water drainage facilitated by the tread pattern made the job at hand a little easier.

XT660Z Tenere best tyres

In these increasingly difficult conditions, the tyres still performed well as the author states that “the tread – even if much less pronounced than other tyres – allows travel at a tourist pace, keeping the trajectory without skidding or uncertainty.”

Even when they arrived back in Milan after the trip, the tyres were not finished… allowing the rider to complete a further 1,500 kilometres before they needed to be changed.

Summing up, they had this to say:

“The Anlas Capra R turned out to be good traveling companions able to take us everywhere, provided they did not overdo it: they allow you to keep speeds higher than code even at full load and in the pouring rain, to venture beyond the simple white roads as long as you do not expect rally performances and, with the right gas, you can face that treacherous mud when you can not go back. They are tyres made to bring us safely (and happy) to their destination, taking care of the distance traveled and not the time taken.”

You can read the full review on their website here.

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