Anlas Capra X review

Before he took on two intensive days of green laning on his long term BMW G310GS with some pro enduro riders, Bike Social’s John Millbank needed to fit some appropriate rubber.

After testing our Winter Grip 2 on his Project Africa Grom, John turned to Anlas and opted to try out our dual purpose Capra X.

A popular option on the annual Gibraltar Race, which crosses Europe from East to West in the heat of summer, it is a proven option for those who want to tackle the tough stuff.

Admittedly, John isn’t a seasoned off-road rider, but the tyres certainly helped him over the course of his two day adventure.

On the Bike Social website, John says:

“The Capra X rubber really shines off-road, the deep tread pattern digging into loose soil and mud. Sadly they’ve not turned me into some kind of off-road hero; on the sand – which requires the power to be kept on to keep the weight off the front – and in really wet mud the bike was still moving around a lot, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be in those situations with anything less.

The BMW G310GS I’ve been using these on isn’t the most powerful beast, so the tyres weren’t put under any real strain; I certainly wasn’t struggling to put the power down, but while there’s more off-road-focussed rubber, these seem to offer a strong compromise in to tackle any surface.”

Capra-X plus tyre

He also got the chance to try them out in the wet, stating:

“The tread design sees a channel running all the way through the centre of the front and rear tyres, so water can more easily be cleared – I’ve had no serious complaints in the rain, and have only triggered the little BMW’s ABS a couple of times when braking hard with rain on the road.”

You can read John’s review in full on the Bike Social website.

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