Anlas Speedway 2018

Anlas are delighted to announce that we have agreed a three-year deal to become the official tyre supplier of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series. Further to this,  Anlas will also serve as the Czech SGP title sponsor

Our engineers have been developing a new speedway tyre over the past year and a half to deal with the uniquely demanding conditions of 500cc racing with no brakes, and it was first seen at EICMA in late 2017.

After working with riders to understand their needs, we have produced a tubeless tyre with very rapid controlled heating and a constant hardness level, which doesn’t change with the temperature.

The carcass structure has been designed to provide high stability at all speeds, while the tread has semi-deep kerfs which provide much better traction, especially at the start.

BSI Speedway managing director Torben Olsen is pleased to welcome the new supplier to the sport.

He said:

“We are delighted to have ANLAS involved in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series.
“Development and innovation only enhances the sport and they have worked hard to produce a great tyre for the world’s top riders.
“We’re sure it will play its part in creating a fantastic spectacle on the track this season and we look forward to working with ANLAS over the next few years.”

Anlas Speedway Tyres UK

Eray Savci, managing director of ANLAS, said:

“The decision was made to take part and to design a new product, or rather offer a tyre concept which will perform better and safer.
“While developing the tyre, we first deeply listened to the renowned successful riders to understand their expectations. We tried to absorb the intricate details of how they expect it to perform.
“Then we mobilised the expertise in our design studio to create the product accordingly and fine tune it until it was perfect for use.
“This is our standard practice; we always conceive our tyres together with the final users and for their real needs. The design, development, prototyping, laboratory work, testing and fine-tuning follows then much easier and quicker.
“Through the above phases, i.e. conception, design and development processes over one and a half years now, ANLAS has produced a tyre that we are confident will make every speedway rider very happy.

“We have decided to step on to the scene; and play an active role in speedway to share the spirit, challenge and fun. We wish all the speedway riders a safe and successful racing season.’